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Tap into theFull Potentialof Email

Whether the end goal is subscribing to a podcast, filling out a lead form or adding to a shopping cart, our results driven approach inspires an inbox to be the marketer’s most effective consumer channel.

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Drive Measurable Results at Scale

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Massive Partner Network

Campaigns are deployed with precision through our vast network of publishing partners

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Full-Page Dedicated Emails

100% Share of Voice, dedicated emails bring a brand to life, driving a relevant and impactful customer experience

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Dynamic Testing

Dynamic testing and optimization of ad copy, images, and offers yield the strongest performance and ROI

How we do it

Our Proven Approach

Define goals and establish performance indicators throughout the user journey to evaluate success and real-time campaign optimization

Inventory targeting based on interests and demographic data that directly aligns with a brand’s key target audience

Branded design combined with email expertise, produce high quality and personalized creatives to drive high impact and results

Highly effective media plans with strategy and precision to achieve cost efficiency and optimal reach

In-depth analysis enables us to identify correlations and trends in data to measure and respond in real time


Transparent Campaign Management and Reporting

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Transparency - always know where and when campaigns are running in real time

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Turnkey compliance and suppression-file management

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Detailed, publisher-level reporting for every campaign

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Insight into audience reach, deliverability, open and click-through rates and more

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Custom reporting for power users

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Full suite of managed services designed to fit your needs

Brand Relevance

Winning the Moments that Matter

Brands can connect with more potential customers by aligning their brand content with these winning moments in a user’s inbox. Research shows that this level of relevance makes a real difference; 75% of online consumers take action after seeing a message from a brand that is relevant to them.

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